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Custom Suit Information:

- All suits are custom made to the buyers measurements provided.

- Custom suits need a 1-3 week, depending on current workload and month. Turnaround time allowance from the time of receiving MEASUREMENTS, not when the order was placed.

- There are NO REFUNDS on custom suits!

- Suits can be done in any color fabric and rhinestone color scheme.


***It cannot be given to someone else to use, can be kept as credit to use at a later date or put towards a plain posing suit. DEPOSIT IS GOOD FOR 1 YEAR. Should you pay for a suit in full and cancel your show, the payment is kept as credit to use at a later date. Again, the deposit of that full payment ($200-$350) is good for 1 year. After 1 year, the deposit amount is subtracted from the total amount you paid. With the remaining balance being good indefinitely. Should you pay for a suit in full and decide you want a refund, you have 90 DAYS to get in contact with me. After the 90 days is up, you waive the right of a refund. The refund will be reimbursed over a 3 month time period and again, the deposit is subtracted from this. As it is NONREFUNDABLE UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. 


1. You pay for a suit in full and decide you won't be competing and ask for a refund. Depending on price point of the custom suit, the deposit of $200-$350 will be deducted. The remaining balance will be paid back over a 3 month time spam.


PAID $800

Deduct $350 deposit. Remaining balance is $450, which means you will receive $150 over a 3 month time frame. The deposit of $350 is good for 1 year. 




Please note that if any items are needed to be redone due to incorrect measurements provided, a $100 MINIMUM Fee is required per item and must allow 7-10 days for it to be completed. Shipping fees both ways must be paid for as well. If you cannot afford the fee, you must return the original item being redone. And the time allowance becomes 10-14 days!

***It is important to make sure measurements provided are accurate. I am not responsible for incorrect measurements. If you do not feel comfortable taking measurements, I recommend going to a seamstress. 

BASIC alterations on suits are free but does not cover shipping fees.

- Adjusting hip connectors.

- Adjusting back straps on figure suits.

- Changing connectors on suit.




U.S. Shipping : $10 flat fee. This includes insurance.

International Shipping: $25





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