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Size Guide

Cup Styles:

1. SOFT Molded Sewn In Cup (rounded shape)







2. HARD Molded sewn in cup   (more triangle shaped)

- AA


- B/C


2. Triangle

*Similar to a regular swimsuit top. Has double lining on the inside for additional padding.

Small padding insert will be included in this style top.

- A/B

- B/C




1. Hip measurement- Measure widest part of hips (green line on diagram)


2. Front Rise

- Base of crotch, between legs, to front middle of where you want the suit to hit.

*Average front rise is anywhere from 7-8.5"


3. Back Rise

*Average is around 7-8"

4. Height



- Determines width coverage on glutes (select from options below)


1. Pro cut #1- 4.5" (those really wanting to show off the glutes or have a smaller frame)

2. Pro Figure - 5" (most popular cut)

3. Minimal- 5.5"

4. Moderate- 6"

5. Full coverage- 7" (Canada)


1. Pro cut- 4

2. Micro-5"

3. Minimal-5.5"

4. Full coverage- 6"

Hip  measurement- widest part around the lower half (green)

Front rise- measure to where you want the middle top of the suit to hit.

Back rise- measure up middle, stopping right above the butt crack.

Measurement FORM

Thanks for submitting!

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